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The Kansas City Chalk and Walk Festival continues to be “FREE” to all visitors through donations and sponsorships from the community.

In addition, donations support an organization that provides arts education outreach programs to schools and shelters in the Kansas City area all year round.

Our goal is to expose youth to the value of the arts.

These children may otherwise never get the chance to experience the impact that creativity can have on their lives.

WE NEED YOU to keep the Festival growing each year in Kansas City with your donations and sponsorships.

Donations always welcomed to continue the success of the Kansas City Chalk and Walk Festival and its arts education outreach programs.

Every year Michaels Arts and Crafts donates 3 bountiful baskets to be raffled off. Proceeds of the raffle support this FREE festival. Baskets will be located at the Information Booth, 1st level, Crown Center Square.

Letters from Past Raffle Winners

I just wanted to say thank you for organizing the KC Chalk and Walk. We always have a great time!

This year, I had the added bonus of winning one of the Michael’s Art Supply Baskets in the raffle. I could not believe how much was in there when we got it home! It was jam-packed with pencils, paper, charcoals, erasers, etc. I know Phill and I will get a lot of use out of it. Michael’s also had people passing out coupons which I will be using to purchase some of the yarn I need to make this year’s batch of Christmas presents, so their participation was really a win-win situation for me! If you happen to speak with them, please be sure to tell them I said “Thank you!”

I really appreciate companies like Michael’s supporting such a great festival and a great cause. I look forward to seeing what they bring to the festival next year!

~ Anne Willis

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"You can go to any city in America and find an arts organization creating vitality in every neighborhood, and leaders still don't get it. Arts and culture is the genesis of the revitilazation of communities."

~ Tom Murphy, Mayor of Pittsburgh