Become A Volunteer


Kansas City Chalk and Walk is always looking for volunteers to help with the festival. Volunteers will be needed in many areas throughout the Chalk and Walk. We will need volunteers to help in registration, chalk supply, as well as dispensing fresh water as requested, providing directions for artists and helping in the Children’s Creative Corridor. Other jobs will be assigned as needed. Volunteer as an individual or part of a service organization.

As a volunteer we ask the following:

  • Be willing to dedicate at least 4 hours.
  • Volunteers under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult volunteer or service group adult leader.
  • Most volunteer jobs will involve a lot of walking and working outside.

To apply, complete your application and email to or mail to:

Kansas City Chalk and Walk Festival
P.O. Box 45511
Kansas City, MO 64171-8511

The Children’s Creative Corridor and its workshops was a great resource for my daughter.

Accessibility to everyone (meaning FREE):  It is important for local families to have events that are free to attend. I have no issue with “pay per activity” for certain activities and raffles, etc to encourage donation. However, to ask an admission fee up from will deter many people from the event…

This festival really connects with children especially. They get to experience these awesome creations made from drawing on a sidewalk with chalk! I believe it really inspires them to think creatively and artistically. Art programs in school are constantly losing funding so it is important for parents to have events like this available to all to attend as a supplement.


~ Nicole Stewart

"When you bring art into the public eye, you benefit the quality of life. from the standpoint of enhancing reputation and economic development, being known as a place that promotes arts and culture is a real advantage for a city."

~ Bart Peterson, Mayor of Indianapolis