About the Festival

Sponsor: Francis Family Foundation, Artist: Andrea Kissee-Warmington

2017 Dates:

Saturday, September 9th (11:00am to 7:00pm)


Sunday, September 10th  (11:00am to 5:00pm)

Kansas City Chalk and Walk Festival, a Missouri nonprofit corporation, 501c3, will conduct an annual (2017 will be 10th year), two-day event, which will showcase hundreds of professional, student and amateur artists who, on their knees, sometimes skateboards or lounge chairs!, will create lively and powerful chalk “paintings” on sponsored brick canvas on the streets of Kansas City, Missouri (Crown Center).

Visual artists receive free pastel chalk and water and they are able to display their business cards to promote themselves.

Local businesses and individuals can sponsor a canvas by contributing a donation to Kansas City Chalk and Walk. The business or individual’s name will be prominently featured adjacent to sponsored street squares. All sponsors’ names will be published on the web site and promotional materials.

Sections of the Kansas City Chalk and Walk event site will be apportioned to children, who will receive an area as their street canvas. Each child will be provided a bucket of chalk at no charge. This area is called the Children’s Creative Corridor. In addition, educational workshops will be held by other not for profit’s educational programs, including face painting and other activities.

Visitors to the event will be able to casually stroll through the event and watch the artists as they create their classical and modern paintings. In addition to watching the visual artists, attendees will be able to listen and view local street performers.

Visitors will be eager to come back on the second day of the festival as they will want to see the “finished product”.

The creative process the artist goes through—how the image is constructed and progresses, is usually done in the privacy of their studio. This street painting festival lets the attendees see the work come to life outside of studio/gallery walls.

Kansas City is host to many visitors from the surrounding states and nation during the summer months. This festival will provide a wonderful added value to the tourist’s/visitor’s Kansas City experience (in addition to Union Station, Liberty Memorial, etc.).

This is a free event, does not serve alcohol, different than closed gallery settings, and exciting for all!!!

Mission Statement

Promote awareness and appreciation of the arts within the community.

Vision Statement

Engage with all members of the community regardless of social or economic status using art as a means of inspiration, education, expression and common ground.

Children's Creative Corridor

Specially designed children's chalking area offering art making opportunities, children's entertainment, and workshops

Fun for Kids Young & Old

  • Street painters
  • Street performers
  • Live entertainment
  • Fine selection of foods by surrounding restaurants
  • Hands-on activities
  • Fine art outside gallery and museum walls

"You can go to any city in America and find an arts organization creating vitality in every neighborhood, and leaders still don't get it. Arts and culture is the genesis of the revitilazation of communities."

~ Tom Murphy, Mayor of Pittsburgh